9 Risk Factors Of Plantar Fasciitis

In adults, plantar fasciitis causes pain in the feet after its inflammation due to serious issues. More than 1 million people are suffered from this chronic pain every year. And most are 40 to 60 aged. But some people exercise their feet daily. And finally, they get free from this deadly pain. Plantar fasciitis affects heart patients and fast, agile persons as well.

You may understand that this is a painful condition of your feet caused by soft-tissue disorders. I will discuss its etiology. Therefore, take a review this informative and illustrative article. You Must know Risk Factors  of Plantar Fascia. There is a band of tissue in the foot of the human body. That connects your toes with the calcaneus bone.

The point to consider is that “Calcaneous bone” is the beefy and most prominent bone among all tarsal bones. This specific interconnection of bones supports the arch. And this will make it easier for you to walk. When that part becomes bloats where all the foot muscles interconnect, that person goes through acute pain in his lower feet.

As the days go by, many people suffer from this pain which increases with time.

9- Major Risk Factors Of Plantar Fasciitis

Numerous people go for treatment therapy in hospitals. At the same time, some go for a family physician to overcome this pain. Have you ever tried to figure out why this pain starts in your feet? What could be the cause of this pain?

Here are many risk factors that are the causes of plantar fasciitis growth. It would help if you were insured of these risk factors that became the reason for the plantar fascia. 

Its risk factors include:

  •  Take any medicine of your own choice without the doctor’s suggestion. In this case, you may be enduring heel pain with unpredicted effects. Some medications reveal hypersensitive responses in 10% to 15% of dwellers. 
  • Do the most challenging exercise without knowing the purpose for which it is being done. Its major 9 risk factors comprise: Pushing hard objects

In this unbearable condition, you do not push or apply force to any stiff object. Or else you become infected with feet pain which starts after inflammation of tissues. Many physicians suggest this protective tip. It damages your feet for a prolonged time. Therefore, refrain from it utmost. 

Athletic activities

Guys! It’s one major risk factor is running and jumping-type activities. In this case, you should not do these types of activities. Therefore, you have to think that you must keep away from such activities that cause severe feet pain. In short, this phenomenon harms your feet and causes agony in your feet zone and back.

Barefooted or Stilettos Heel

All plantar fasciitis patients should be careful about their shoe types. So, you need to select soft and padded surface shoes. That provides you comfort and relief also.

Long Time Standing

The most important point is to relax your body with different movements or exercises. You spend much time standing, particularly on rigid surfaces, which injures your heel. 

Not only this, it becomes the cause of the sudden increase in body PHP level. That creates other diseases. 

Stressed Achilles’ Tendons

Any person suffers from too much pain in the back heel due to stressed Achilles tendons. The muscle tissues of the feet become swelled due to pain in the Achilles tendons. That creates inflammation in the back of the leg. It interlinks the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in the calf to an insertion point at the heel bone. 

Morbid Obesity

Morbid obesity can elicit essential and everlasting hurt to one or more organ systems, including plantar fasciitis. It causes severe pain in the feet. Because of extra weight, the feet’ veins become bloated. Many overweight persons observe heel pain which is known as plantar fasciitis

Knee or Back Issues

Numerous plantar fasciitis patients observe back and knee issues. It all happens because of swelling of muscle tissue that connects the hip and leg. That creates a strain between muscles and aches in your back. It not only damages your feet.Instead also creates changes in your body posture, and you can’t walk easily.

Ankle Pain

Some people are suffered from plantar fascia due to their ankle pain. Which mainly swell because of jogging, running, and such other activities. More than one thousand people suffer from this ankle pain, which later becomes the cause of plantar fasciitis.

It also becomes an ample cause of irritation of feet nerves that radiate up your ankle and feet bottom surface.

Energetic Tasks

Yup, it’s a bit little true if you’ll do energetic tasks in your home or workplace for a long time. Then there is the harm of plantar fasciitis in your feet. In short, it is the most common cause of this chronic feet pain.

There is another common cause related to it. That is increasing pain in your feet during exercise. I mean to say that some aged people do exercises for their fitness. And feel serious pain in their feet before completion of their exercise.

So, you must ensure about all of these risk factors.


By following these precautions, you can get rid of this heel pain. These precautions include:

  • It would help if you took a massage of your feet with oil or ointment lotion
  • Using ice on swelling part of feet for almost 20 to 25 minutes
  • It would help if you tried hard to lose weight by taking some exercise tips
  • Always wear night splints and soft padded shoes at this state
  • By taking some anti-inflammatory antibiotics (NSAIDs)
  • By stretching specific body parts like your back, legs, feet, ankle, and toes

If you don’t bear any more pain, go for treatment therapy as soon as possible.


Plantar fasciitis is a harmful pain that weakens any person physically and mentally. This pain develops in our bodies due to our carelessness. Mainly, this creates in 40 to 60 aged persons.

When they walk on a hard surface and stand in any place for a long time, they suffer from this pain. Not only this instead, but running, jumping, athletic activities, energetic tasks, morbid obesity, and stressed Achilles’ bone, knee, and back issues are the major 9 risk factors of this plantar fasciitis.

You can also treat this pain by following those precautions that I mentioned above.


Q.1: Is there any significant risk factor for plantar fasciitis?

Yup, by the way, there are many reasons for plantar fasciitis. But it’s, one significant risk factor is “energetic tasks” and “standing for a long time .”That is harmful to plantar fasciitis in your feet. And you feel serious pain in their feet before completion of their exercise. 

This one is the big cause of plantar fasciitis. So, you must ensure about this factor.

Q.2: How is our daily life disrupted due to plantar fasciitis? 

Suppose plantar fasciitis is not treated at a time. Then it can cause more issues in your body. Like it unbalances the way you walk, which creates pain in the back of the body, legs, and toes.  

Q.3: Name the ICD 10 code for plantar fasciitis?

The ICD 10 code of plantar fasciitis is “Fibromatosis (M72. 2)”. When plantar fascia swells, you feel too much pain in the lower part of your feet.

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